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Solutions - Testimonials

Some say you are known by the company you keep. We would suggest that you are known by the companies that keep you. We appreciate the comments from companies that have retained our services or have commented on the results of our efforts.

SkyHawke TechnologiesspacerThe SkyGolf GPS project was a massive undertaking for SkyHawke Technologies. We had to stay on top of everything from product development to product distribution. SkyHawke needed a partner to walk alongside us as we established our Internet strategy and then executed that strategy in the form of an interactive, user-friendly, sales-driven Web site. I commend SpryData Internet Solutions for their ability to partner with us through each phase of this project. Their combination of technical capability, industry knowledge, and customer-oriented work ethic made them the right choice as our Internet solution provider.
Richard Edmonson
SkyHawke Technologies

Jefferson County Department of Health“Through the development of our website, Crosscultural Communications [now SpryData Internet Solutions] has made it possible for the public to have ready access to information about the health of Jefferson County and the multitude of services and programs provided by the Jefferson County Department of Health. We commend Crosscultural Communications for their perseverance in putting this information into an easily understandable format and for their service to the Department and the public.”
Carole W. Samuelson, MD
Jefferson County Health Officer
Jefferson County Department of Health
Birmingham, AL

Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blindspacer“I am pleased to offer an unqualified recommendation to any of your potential clients. As webmaster for the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind, I have been impressed with the scope of your company’s expertise and the quality of your commitment to customer service.

“I have given SpryData a number of informal referrals when my colleagues ask me about development of the AIDB site. Alabama Media Professionals sponsored a workshop about website development last year, and I was a participant. I told the audience, primarily writers, that finding the right partner for the technical aspects of developing a site was crucial to the success of the project. The right partner would be one who not only understood the rapidly changing technological issues, but who also respected the writer’s expertise and his or her role in site development. SpryData was the right partner for the AIDB site, and continues to be a valuable resource as the site adapts to the changing marketplace.

“You and your team always responded quickly to my every question, provided answers in plain English understandable to a layperson, expressed an enthusiasm for representing AIDB’s work and mission, and
worked with us to stay within our budget. I will continue to recommend SpryData, and look forward to working with you for many years to come.”

Karyn Zweifel
Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind
Talladega, AL

Fitzmartin“There are a lot of choices in this industry. International to ‘shade tree’ options. The people at SpryData have proven themselves to be intelligent and industrious. Most important to me they have proven to be honest and accountable. They tell the truth and stand behind the work they do. I trust them.”
Sean Doyle
FitzMartin, Inc.
Birmingham, AL

Cathedral Church of the Adventspacer“I have to say, I'm impressed with both how good your Web site looks, and how well it did in our testing. HTML mistakes are so common, it’s unusual for us to run HTML Toolbox over a page and not find at least one problem. Whoever's running this site is doing a great job.”
Tom Dahm - excerpt from an email to one of our customers
chief operations office
NetMechanic, Inc.
Huntsville, AL

Realtime Sentry“I searched for several months and spent many hours working with numerous companies to attempt to design and build an Internet solution requiring complex website capabilities, custom-coded software, along with network software and hardware integration across multiple platforms. It became clear that it would take a group with extensive internal technical skills plus external resources to succeed with the development of this project. Crosscultural [now SpryData Internet Solutions] did an excellent job and continually added value to the project with their ideas and input. I highly recommend them!”
Greg Jackson
president, CEO
eplace2go, inc.
Mobile, AL


“It’s far more impressive when others discover your good qualities without your help.” —Judith S. Marin


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