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Realtime Sentry


How do you say no when someone comes to you with a “world class” product and a concept to match. Well, it seems that two other companies did just that, saying, “It can't be done.” The someone was Dr. Gregory Jackson, president of eplace2go.com. The "world class" product was content filtering software developed for corporate LANs. The concept was making this filtering software available for consumers who wanted to surf the Internet without stumbling across pornography, violence or hate-oriented sites.

Realtime SentryDr. Jackson found us (at that time Crosscultural Communications, LLC) through the AT&T Creative Alliance Program. He wanted to create a financially profitable and socially beneficial Internet property under the umbrella of eplace2go.com. The first product would be a real-time content filtering service, which provides “safe surfing” for families and individuals. REALTIME SENTRY (the smut stops here!) was born. Yet many challenges lay ahead.


  • Designing and implementing the necessary hardware/software configurations to support the product
  • Planning the functionality of the site for the present, with growth capabilities for the future
  • Writing client-side software compatible with major browsers and operating systems so users could lock into the system's proxy servers
  • Establishing an affiliate program to generate a grassroots marketing campaign
  • Creating password-protected administrative tools for providing customer support, subscription tracking and site activity tracking
  • Establishing a Free 10-Day Trial and subscription process, along with secure credit card processing
  • Marketing the product and tracking the success of various marketing efforts.


  • As in any effective implementation, the first step was planning. Over time those plans were modified to meet the challenges of an ever-moving target. SpryData provided a foundation of planning on which the eventual structure could be built.
  • The site was created using ColdFusion. We used Java for subscriber verification. Subscriber databases were developed with MS-SQL. Client-side software was created using C++.
  • Click here to view the RTS Affiliate Program and learn about ways to make money for your organization while supporting a valuable product.


  • REALTIME SENTRY’s customer base continues to grow.
  • REALTIME SENTRY’s unique method of filtering establishes it as a leading tool today and one of the only tools that will effectively handle the explosive growth of inappropriate sites in the future.
  • The nature of this product, its unique affiliate program and the Internet market make eplace2go.com a company to watch in the future. 

Realtime Sentry

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