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Article Posting with Interactive Tools

We’ve heard it said that on the Internet content is king. That may be partially true, but content plus interaction rules!

Web sites that provide fresh, insightful content keep visitors coming back time after time. To assist the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s editorial staff, we created a simple, browser-based administrative system to update articles, news stories and editorials. These tools provided a way for the organization to post new content regularly while moving older content to an easily accessed archive. That’s the content portion.

However, we also provided the site's visitors a means of using and responding to these articles.

  • Fellowship Feedback - This tool allows readers to submit their comments about the articles. These comments are screened and then posted to the site as both positive and negative criticisms of the articles.
  • Email a Friend - Ever want to send someone information from a Web site? This user-friendly form allows readers to send any article on the site to their friends and include their own message.
  • Printer-Friendly Version - Attempting to print information from a Web site can be frustrating and confusing. This tool provides a nongraphic version of the article that prints easily and clearly.

By providing CBF with tools to keep site content fresh and to help visitors use and interact with the content, we created a site in which visitors invest themselves.

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