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Affiliate Groups

Companies such as Amazon.com know the benefits of affiliate group marketing. By giving people incentive to recommend your product, you multiply your sales force. That was the idea behind the affiliate group program with REALTIME SENTRY. Dr. Gregory Jackson believed that community-focused groups could benefit in two ways by promoting his Internet filtering service. First, they could provide a world class solution for their constituents. Second, these groups could generate revenue based on subscriptions to the service.

The RTS Affiliate Group Program pays participants a per-subscriber fee each month for the life of the subscription. To learn more about the particulars on this affiliate group see http://www.realtimesentry.com/affiliate.cfm.

To assist affiliate groups in their efforts, we started with a simple sign-up form. Next, we dynamically generated HTML code that the group’s webmaster could copy and paste into their Web site. This provided a way for affiliate groups to get credit when someone clicks through their site to subscribe at the REALTIME SENTRY site. Finally, we created an “Email a Friend” tool, so that affiliate members could market the site to their constituents.

What sites and organizations could use this kind of tool?

  • Product-oriented sites
  • Service-oriented sites
  • ASPs
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