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Feeling a bit overwhelmed by technology's rapid change? At SpryData Internet Solutions we focus more on your business objectives than on particular technologies. Therefore, we can apply the appropriate technology to accomplish those objectives.

We offer the following services:

Internet Strategy Development

Planning is a critical step in the success of any Internet project. An effective site includes far more than attractive layouts and well-written copy. Further, a successful marketing plan does far more than bring surfers to your Web site.

We work with our customers to establish an Internet strategy that addresses their overarching business goals.

Web Site Development Whether your company needs an online brochure or a robust ecommerce solution, SpryData can meet your needs. The company has over four years of experience developing Internet solutions.

Multi-lingual Web Site Development
  • IDC Research reports “the US had 34 percent of the world˙ŭs Internet users, followed by Europe with 29 percent, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) with 16 percent, Japan with 10 percent, and the rest of the world with 11 percent.”
  • Boston Consulting Group estimates that B2C revenues in Asia-Pacific will hit USD $14 billion by the end of 2001.
  • Nielsen NetRatings indicates that “there were just under 114 million Internet users in Europe at the end of May [2001].”
  • Brazilians with home Internet access reached 10.4 million according to Nielson NetRatings.
  • CyberAtlas reports that “the North American market will account for less than 10 percent of global revenues from wireless advertising, mcommerce [mobile-commerce], and wireless content subscription services by 2003.”

Does your company’s Web site proactively take advantage of the growing international online market? Can your non-English-speaking customers read the information on your site? Do you have any idea whether the images, words or colors on your site have a positive or negative impact on surfers from other cultures? Can you afford to answer no to any of these questions? If not, contact us to see how we can help your company tap international markets without your having to stepping foot outside your office.

Database Programming and Web Integration
  • Press releases/News
  • Calendars
  • Job Listings
  • Reservations
  • Catalogs

Wish you could keep your Web site content current with the daily operations of your business? Looking for ways to integrate your internal systems with the Web? Let us work with you to help your business DO business online.

Ecommerce Development Setting up an online store can get rather confusing: digital certificates, secure socket layer, credit card processing, shopping carts, taxes, shipping charges, and the list goes on. Yet setting up an effective online store requires knowing more than the various pieces. According to researchers at Creative Good, 43 percent of all online purchase attempts ended in failure during the 2000 holiday season. We work with our customers to create an effective online shopping environment.

Content Management Tired of waiting for your Web site development vendor to find time to update your Web site? (Not to mention having to pay each time you want to add a press release?) SpryData’s content management solutions provide the flexibility for you to update your site at any time.

IPIX Immersive Imaging SpryData Internet Solutions offers 360˙ŭ immersive imaging to more effectively present and promote your facilities. A two dimensional picture helps prospective customers see a little of what you have to offer. However, 3-D virtual imaging can "immerse" your site visitors into your facility. For a high impact display of your properties you can't beat the effect of immersive imaging. Click here to see an example.

“Men have become the tools of their tools.“˙ŭ—Henry David Thoreau


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